Evils of Haranshire

S9 - Last look at the New Mire

One last foray into the New Mire the group goes all out, trudging through the last remaining corners of unexplored area. Several groups of giant frogs are discovered and quickly dealt with, providing more than one dinner and breakfast for the group, including the new addition, Bite.

Cutting back towards the Patchwork hills, they discover a group of horribly brutalized goblins. They are torn to shreds as if eaten then spit out by rabid dogs. Groat picks up a trail leading away and quickly finds the responsible party, a band of gnolls. This leads to one of the first real disagreements in the group as Groat and the other front liners want to ambush but the intellect crowed want to keep to the task at hand. Ultimately they decide to ignore the gnolls.

One last night of camping the outskirts of the New Mire then the party retreats to Harlaton. In town there is a commotion about a murdered farmer. Charles Erinstead has turned up dead under unusual circumstances, although no one has any detail that can be validated. The party agrees to pass the info on to Garyld in Milborne the next day.
Back in Milborne Darius Carman is sought out for update. After telling of the supposed murder in Harlaton, he becomes increasingly nervous. After additional updates, Garyld leaves to investigate.



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