Evils of Haranshire

S10 - Attacked on the Churnett

The next morning the party finds a merchant with a delivery for Count Parlfray. He is looking to hire armed escort for his barge down the Churnett. With all the news of bandits, kidnappings and murder, he no longer feels his normal guard is adequate. The party seizes the opportunity as a chance to get an audience with Parlfray.

In conversation with the merchant the group learns that Parlfray gets regular deliveries and pays a decent sum to ensure their arrival. The merchant lets out that some of the items may be family heirlooms that are being return or collected from other lands.

Before reaching the halfway point, a split second before being too late, someone notices a rope stretched out like a trip line. Dain and Xeno are caught up in it and are knocked off the barge with the equipment and boxes. Immediately arrows fly out from the shore line as the barge crashes into the north side. Three additional swordsman rush in for the kill.

Hired mercenaries are proving to be no match for our party and this one is killed off quick enough. One is kept prisoner. Talman threatens violence, including removing of fingers until such time as answers have been provided satisfactorily. Dain agrees but Salyne puts a stop to what she thinks is a little unnecessary. The assailants have a familiar fishy smell to them, and as before, the captive is near in shock and unresponsive under questioning. Talman administers last rights and the party ends the prisoner’s life. At the end of the attack Salyne catches a glimpse of what she describes as a human priest, with a patch over one eye. He seemed to be watching from the tree line of the Thornwood, and apparently flew away as soon as the tide turned against the attackers.

Continuing on to Thurmaster, the party finds enough spare parts to mend a cart and head on to Parlfray’s keep.



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