Rules and Customizations

Rules discussion

If anyone wants to get clarification on any system, we will add the info here. If there is something to add or discuss, let me know!


Yes, you can use the optional Feat rules for character advancement.


We will be using short and long rest. There will be a negative effect for extended periods of time without long rest. (TBD). A few of the other mechanics play into resting.

HD Buys / Healing Kits

We will be using the requirement that HD buys after short rests will require healing kits.

Magic Item Identification

We will use the ‘Variant: More Difficult Identification’ rules for identifying the properties of magic items. In practice this means an identify spell or scroll, or a magic user of sufficient skill level will need to study the item. A short rest will not produce an identification. This isn’t to say that usage of the item or experimentation with it will produce no results, but this may only work for the most common of items or properties.


We will be using random weather. Ok, not really random, using the weather extension which actually has weather patters. If for some reason it doesn’t work out, I’ll switch to ‘manually’ controlling weather. The bigger point being, weather can have an affect on our characters and possible actions.

Rules and Customizations

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