Evils of Haranshire

S8 - Regroup in Milborne

Back in Milborne the group heads to their respective resting places. Talman talks to Semephis at the temple about acquiring a ruby. Groat talks to ‘Ole Grizzler at the Silver Crown. The party meets up with Garyld and gives him all the news of the ref goblins. They leave a skin with him. Settling up their equipment at Rastifer’s store, they place a special order for a pearl. The order will take two days and the group spends that time settling in. One last item of business during down time involves Nafton’s Stables. Groat produces a purchase receipt, paid in full, for a dog. Nafton is well known in the area for training the best dogs. Highly intelligent, and used for everything from guarding to hunting, Groat takes the time to go through the necessary instruction to bond the dog with himself. ‘Bite’ as he is named will serve his purpose well in the adventures to come. Xeno is impressed with what he sees and inquires about purchasing his own hound. After choking on the price, the party briefly wonders how Groat came about this purchase receipt.

Meeting up with Darius Carman at the Smithy, he is surprised to find out about the red goblins as well. As always, Carman’s true feelings are a bit hard to pin down and after updating him on the New Mire progress the group get passage to Thurmaster.

The groups seeks out Tauster to see if he can determine the meaning of the Shaman ring from the red goblins. Talman had derived that it was magical, but not to its ultimate purpose. A brief investigation by Tauster and it is determined that the ring is a malfunctioning Ring of Water Elemental Control. Salyne is convinced this is the sole source of the New Mire problem. Talman is not too sure and they decide to put a little more time into investigating before returning to Carman. The group stays the night at the inn in Thurmaster. They see Squire Marlen, but decide not to toy with him at the moment.



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