Evils of Haranshire

S7 - The Red Goblin Leaders

The party enters the main goblin cavern to find the Chief backed by a Shaman. Dain rushes forward and in the fight injures his shoulder in an uncharacteristically spectacular swing and miss. Although the chief attempts to call out for the party to stop, no one understand him or no one stops and he and the Shaman are taken down before a single offensive spell is cast. The group loots the bodies and keeps a ring from the Shaman with an odd symbol.

Exploring the now vacant cave system for any clues to the New Mire mystery, Groat explores a water system that seems out of place for the surrounding area. He follows it to another caver where more goblins are hiding. The group uses the rope and a quick breath and swim later are killing the remaining goblins.

Later outside Xeno finds and area to camp the night. A little more investigation of the area the next day, but the party decides to head back into town with little additional information.



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