Evils of Haranshire

S6 - The Red Goblin Cave

Rested for the night the party heads back to the canyon to approach the cave. Groat and Salyne quietly make their way up the switchbacks and just below the cave entrance. From below, Corwin creates a minor illusion at the entrance of the cave to draw out any guards. One red goblin emerges and the fight is on!

Groat makes quick work of the first and heads into the cave entrance where he and Salyne dispatch another. The entire party gathers just inside the cave entrance to regroup. At first, Groat leads the way deeper into the cave, but after encountering the small group of goblins, Dain and Xeno take to rushing forwards.

As Xeno pushes the bounds of his visibility (limited to Talman’s light stone), Dain heads a different direction and the party is quickly facing down two fronts of assault. Pounding goblin after goblin as they go, no real challenge is encountered until the party is back together and a large contingent of goblins seems to be streaming behind some guards. Perhaps making an escape. A sleep spell and steel continue to reduce the numbers of goblins until the halls are once again quiet.

Some discussion on whether to give chase to the fleeing goblins or push deeper results in the group continuing to follow the winding path inward. Before long the group reaches a point where the hall ahead opens up into an expansive room. Wedged into the entry way is a group of guards backed by a well-armed leader shouting at the approaching party.



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