Evils of Haranshire

S5 - Slogging through the mire

The party pushes on through the mire, slogging their way mile by way through the uneven water logged terrain. With no discernable reasoning found for the New Mire creation, the party circles around and heads to the south.

At the edge of the mire with open rolling hills stretching South the party travels east towards the Patchwork Hills. A few miles from their last camp they spot 2 green goblins with a captured sheep. A quick sleep spell and some rope and the goblins are captives.

Now aroused, the goblins are terrified. They do not speak common but the party has an idea on how to get a message to them. The dried red goblin skins are produced and shown to the green captives. They are clearly disturbed by the sight alone. Through a little patience and interpretation, the party attempts to learn the location of the red goblin lair from their captives. Some acted scenes and a map get the greenies pointing in yapping, in what the party hopes is a sign of understanding. Eventually agreeing to let the captured go, the party moves North East through the mire making a straight line for the location signaled by the goblins.

Cutting across the mire another group of giant frogs is encountered. What starts off as a few random quickly escalates to a mini-lair as additional frogs and a group of Bullywugs emerge from unseen holes below. Although some damage is taken and heals passed around, the encounter continues to prove less than a test for our adventurers. The party decides to continue toward the red goblins and leave any additional frog lairs alone.

Now back in the Patchwork Hills, the party scouts around for several hours before stumbling on a small path leading up through the hills. Cautiously investigating deeper the path winds its way into a small canyon. At the end of the canyon the path rises steeply and switchbacks up towards an exposed entrance to a cave. With the area scouted, the party decides a nights rest should separate them from any further investigation. They take shelter back outside the canyon and post watch for the night.



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