Evils of Haranshire

S4 - Exploring the New Mire

While bedding down for the night, a noise from outside the house arouses curiosity. Groat investigates and meets a very wide and tall Dragonborn named Xeno. Xeno comes with news from Kuiper, with whom Xeno is a previous acquaintance. Kuiper has learned from Shiraz that giant frogs have been seen in the New Mire. A development that on its own isn’t out of the ordinary for the type of area, but speaks to the growing situation of the rapidly changing land.

The party follows along the cutter brook for a few miles but the terrain slowly grows harder and harder to traverse. Brief thoughts of the need for boats are discussed as the party decided they have ventured far enough for the day and had better turn back. On the way back, they encounter the first group of giant frogs. It’s only a matter of a minute before frog legs are chopped and stored for a later meal.

Back at the Denfast farm the group rests again for the night.

The morning breaks and the group’s new plan is to travel the outside edge of the New Mire back towards the hills. Travel through the day is easy enough and the group reaches the eastern edge of the New Mire near where the Cutter Brook starts its journey down to the Churnett River. Along the way they scout a massive bird figure overhead. Although its size is incredibly large for a flying beast, it seems to pay them no attention and they continue on. Xeno scouts for some game along some discovered tracks and is able to bring a deer back to camp to add to the remaining frog legs cooking over the open fire.

The party is met by a traveling hunter, Prastan, who although surprised to find the group, is friendly enough and is invited to camp with them for the night. Conversation with him confirms the goblins of the hills, but like the party, he has only had a run in with the green goblins in the norther areas.

The next morning the party splits from their new friend and makes their way west along the Cutter Brook. The area resembles most of what was seen on the north side of the brook but grows worse at a quicker rate. Occasionally the group losses the brook in the surrounding water as the territory grows wilder.

Deciding to cross the brook and investigate the area to the south Xeno takes a rope and one by one the party is pulled to the southern side. Before the last of the group is safely across they spot another group of giant frogs.

More resistance is met with this encounter, but ultimately the party is successful. Cutting open the largest of the frogs reveals the recently eaten remains of another red goblin.



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