Evils of Haranshire

S1 - Journey to Haranshire

We join our group in Beregost making arrangements for the night before their trip to Haranshire. The party has made arrangements to travel with a caravan of merchants departing in the morning.

Everyone splits for the night to their respective activities. The delivery chest from Gordrenn is entrusted to Dain’s servants. Talman seeks solace at a temple. Salyne rests on Talman’s word for nightly protection at the temple as well. Not requiring as much safety or comfort, Groat finds the company of his fellow brethren for a quite known only to the curious underworld. The rest hole up in the inn where they met Gordrenn.

The caravan departs in the AM for what is a mostly uneventful wagon ride of lite conversation. Hendell quickly recognizes the merchant with the most alcohol and in only moments is sharing a keg of a most peculiar wine. Casual conversation carries the day as the caravan makes camp for the night.

Dawn breaks and the sun is greeted by Talman Brightwater’s early morning holy rituals. Each member going through their routine as the smell of a morning campfire cook fills the wooded air. In a moment that is noticed by everyone, as the first rays of light reach Salyne’s skin, she glows a golden hue. It’s a sight that will be remembered by all, even if the true meaning of it escapes their understanding.

Conversation continues and Salyne gains the friendliness of the merchant Christer. The next couple of days they learn a bit about the area of Haranshire. The party learns of Count Parlfray of Thurmaster and of Darius Carman in Milborne. Though less than artistic, Christer draws a basic map of the area. The next two days continue uneventful until the caravan approaches an overturned wagon and a group in need of assistance.

A broken axle and a spooked horse are an issue as the party offers help to the travelers in need. When the horse is found, its leg has been broken. The owner regrets the horse’s inevitable fate which now forces the owner to take action against the steed. Talman intervenes and offers a healing hand. To the amazement and appreciation of the owner, the horse’s leg is mended. It will never run again, but the extended life it now has brings comfort to its owner.

With the wagon righted and the axle shown to be broken, the group begins to despair. Salyne however spends a considerable few minutes and is able to mend the wood enough that the wagon could limp back to Beregost. Appreciation from the group to our traveling party and we are set back on the trail.

Within a day’s hike to Milborne the caravan turns west and the party disembarks for their final stretch into Haranshire. Its then near the cutter brook crossing that a group of local farmers is met along the road. A friendly outstretched hand of introduction eases any concerns as two arrows fly nearby woods. The leader of the group points to Talman and shouts, “Get him!”

The first test of meddle minds an easily dispatched group of ‘farmer’ thugs. No real resistance is met. The leader falls as easily as the rest but the group is able to capture one of the weaker men. On the verge of shock, not much information is received from the questioning. The man blames Carlanis, the leader of the group. He explains that there is a bunch of “bad magic” coming through the area and Carlanis raised the group to capture the ‘evil magic users’. The party takes him captive.

A short march down the hill and the party arrives at Milborne, the first of the Haranshire towns. The meet a boy name Geoff fishing on a local pier. After a quick conversation about how the boy must be the greatest fisherman the world over and they are directed to find Garyld the town constable. Geoff points them to the Barron of Mutton.

Entering the Barron they find the place in chaos. The bartender Barthelew explains that Andren’s fiancé has disappeared the night before. The ensuing confusion introduces the party to the hysterical Andre, the missing Jelenneth, her father Haldelar and the constable Garyld.

Jelenneth, an apprentice to the wizard Tauster in Thurmaster retired to her room the night before and didn’t not come out the next morning. Andren broke the locked door to her room in and she was discovered missing. Gone were only the personal items that she kept close. Her blue cloak, and he inscribed broach. The party helps investigate the around the inn but no details are gained. Conversation reveals that the party is on their way to visit Tausters and Andren pleads with them to find out if Jelenneth has returned to Thurmaster (an outcome shared by nearly everyone except Andren). The party agrees and says they will leave the next day.

Back outside the party hands the prisoner over to Garyld who assures them that justice will be served. The details or the criminals don’t mean anything particular to Garyld, but it’s clear the matter doesn’t sit well with him.

The party, fit to turn in for the night, secures a few of the nicer two person rooms. Groat, learning there is a “seedier” inn on the west side of town gets a smile on his face and heads to the Silver Crown.



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