Evils of Haranshire


You are approached by a middle-aged, dark-haired, slightly portly wizard who introduces himself as Gordrenn. “Purveyor of magical paraphernalia, material necessities, and related items to many wizards of note!” he says rather pompously. Gordrenn has a problem. He has to deliver a chest of material components to the wizard Tauster, who lives in the village of Thurmaster in Haranshire. His usual couriers have just left his service for better pay elsewhere, and Gordrenn is desperate to have the goods delivered. “Nothing terribly expensive or important, but Tauster gets very huffy if I’m even a day late,” Gordrenn admits. He offers the group 150 GP to take the chest. “And don’t even think about stealing it!” Gordrenn warns them. “It’s got a wizard’s mark inside it, and I’ll know wherever it is. Steal it and I’ll send all kinds of bad things after you.” Gordrenn wants a formal contract drawn up that lays out the terms, with all of your signatures on it, witnessed at the nearest temple. “Well then, now that we have a deal, you’d best be off by morning!” ~ Into the paid service of the Wizard Gordrenn. The area of mention, Haranshire. A small backwater of a few villages. Nestled along the Churnett river among rolling hills and forest. Mostly agrarian now, but with a bit of logging and what’s left of the mining from years past. Just enough to support the areas local needs. East of the Sword Coast, three days journey at best. You’ve all gathered here for your own reasons, and now have a lazy three days to recant them in each others company.



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